Best Tips To Extend Your Car Life

If you own a car, you have to do a lot of things to keep it running smoothly and effectively. Investing to buy a car is a great thing; if you know how to keep you informed the basics keep it in good shape. Experts always give tips to keep your car in the right working condition. There are a few tips listed below.

Be patient

First, be extra patient during the break in period, specially first thousand miles or sixteen hundred kilometers. Keep your car speed under 55 mph and avoid using heavy loads on the drive train.

Go to a reputable gas station

Second, fill your car’s gas tank from a reputable gas station. Avoid filling it from the petrol station where the underground tanker is filled because turbulence can cause sediments that can lead to injector blockages and fuel filters. This is also the reason for your car’s poor performance.

Check and change oil

Third, on a regular basis, change the oil of the car. This can save your car’s engine and will give it a longer life. By changing the oil and filtering it you can save many bugs later on. If you are not checking and changing the oils regularly it can affect your engine and may result in failure.

Use a light weighted key chain

Get rid of that heavy key ring dangling with your car keys. Light up the weight because it can wear out the system inside the ignition. This will result in the failure of your car’s ignition switch. So in order to avoid damaging your ignition switch, buy a light and beautiful key ring. In case your switch is giving you problems, like your keys stuck in while you try to start your car, get it checked. It means your switch is about to fail.

Change the coolant often

Do change the coolant after every year. Mix distilled water with coolant and put it in your car, it will keep the cooling system of your car in a good working condition.

Park in shade

It is advisable to park your car in shade. In order to save it from sun and UV rays. The UV rays can affect the interior of your car, so UV protection should be applied.

Drive with care

Last but not least, drive your vehicle with love and attention on the road. If you are going to take care of your car today by driving slowly and well then you will not bother long in the future. It will also save you from running to a mechanic and back.